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The Studio Lofts


Be You, Be Free, Be Independent.........

Our Lofts Include:                                                                                      Benefits:

Receptionist (During Regular Business Hours)                                                                     Pocket 100% of your profits

Private Loft 14 +/- x 14 +/- with window (10 lofts)                                                                Make your own schedule

Sharable Rooms                                                                                                                      Set your own service

Private Loft 12 +/- x 12 +/- with no window (6 lofts)                                                            Sell your own product

Fully Enclosed - 12' Ceiling                                                                                                    Personalize your own space

Glass Door with Lock                                                                                                              Play your own music

Painted Loft (White is Standard)                                                                                            Enjoy private conversations


Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC

You Design the room to fit your needs

On-site Laundry Facility

Break Room

Professional Cleaning in all Common Areas

All Utilities


24 Access to Secure Building

Personal On-Line Web-Page

Interested in being a Studio Loft Owner?

Our Studio Lofts are designed with 12' foot ceilings, four - 14x14 lofts with two 9' store front windows, six - 14x14 lofts with one 4' window and six inside lofts with glass door and side panel glass.  All lofts are fully enclosed giving you the privacy you want.  Each loft has a large glass door that locks.  Each loft is fully equipped with electrical, plumbing, and heating/cooling.  Our lofts allow you to create your own personal touch to make the space your own.  Be the creative person behind the chair by designing your loft from color, to equipment, to decorating, to be totally you! 

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